Premier League 2018/19


Copa del Rey Classico tonight.


The Everton goal is leading a charmed life here.

Laporte missed an open goal with a header after Pickford flapped at a corner, and Manchester City have just hit the crossbar from six yards with another chance.

Looks to be only a matter of time before Manchester City score.


He must be the worst keeper in the league.


Young Theo Walcott would want to start fulfilling some of his potential soon or his career could easily pass him by.

Two shocking attempts to cross a ball in the last few minutes.


What channel are you watching it on?


Live streaming only.

I see Reddit Soccer Streams was taken down again today.


Citay score right on the half.


La Porte. 0-1 in stoppage time off a set piece.


Everton are woejus defending set pieces.

Almost as bad as Liverpool in the last three games.


Linesmen seem to have forgotten the offside rule. Sane was called offside at least three times when he wasn’t. All in good positions.


Mission accomplished for Everton.


Laporte takes up the second half where he left off at the end of the first half by landing a clattering header - into the back of the jumping Theo Walcott.

He looks to have concussed himself.


The groggy La Porte refuses to exit through the door.




Pickford is a bombscare. Got extremely lucky there. Pathetic attempt to deal with a ball that deflected straight up into the air in his territory.


Everton hanging onto a one goal deficit for grim death. 71 minutes gone.

Fernandinho finally gets a yelllow card.

He’s been a one man fouling machine tonight.


He’s been a fouling machine all season, but he has a great way about him. He usually apologies after he clatters a lad and isn’t a moany prick to the ref, and the refs in turn go handy on him when it comes to the cards


He’s like wheelie bin without the gloves.





We are top of the league,
Said we are top of the league,
We are top of the league,
Said we are top of the league,
We are top of the league,
Said we are top of the league…