Premier League 2018/19


Possibly but I think this year has no outstanding team . That said it will be a very good tournament for that .


The tournament very rarely has an outstanding team. Real Madrid won almost by default last year


Ah here, its gone full hipster. Take that shite to the champions league thread


I think the shift in the balance of power towards the Premier League that was already in evidence last year has been amplified this year. I’d expect all four Premier League teams to advance and if the quarter-final draw allows it, which it probably won’t, all four could even advance to the semis.

The two continental teams that the Premier League teams are likely to have most trouble with are Juventus and Atletico Madrid, and one of those will be gone after the last 16.

Barcelona have Messi and thus are still contenders, but they’re a poor enough team overall by Barcelona standards while Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are both in serious decline. I’d be surprised if any of the three win it.


What evidence last year?

People say the PL is going to make a comeback every year but its been a long time at this stage and I’d still back Juve, Real, Barca and Bayern against any of them


Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham played the best football of any teams in last year’s tournament.

In truth, Tottenham threw away their tie against Juventus while Salah’s injury completely changed the final, and even then Liverpool handed the game to Real Madrid.

I think all of the four continental teams you mention will find it very difficult to live with the pace of the Premier League teams. Juventus can usually nullify pacey teams but there’s always one match in the knockout stages where they get run ragged.


Liverpool got a handy draw, Man City got hammered by the first decent team they played. Spurs did well against Juve but still lost and Juve are much improved now

I think all of the teams I mentioned with the possible exception of Barcelona are too smart to let teams just run all over them


I said this year has no outstanding team . I never said it rarely has a outstanding team . Like any tournament it has vintage and non vintage winners .




Real madrid won through freakish luck. Ramos was a drug crazed, off his face lunatic. His crimes were so blatant and random that even Karius and Salah weren’t even sure whether or not they’d been raped or murdered. Klopp didn’t know either, but he was probably negotiating a cool endorsement contract, or devising a cool playlist at the time. The stupid kraut sham.


Yeah I said that


I don’t recall making that post today mate, I didn’t even watch the game. At what point in the game today did I write that?


Looks like the Liverpool players are actually shitting themselves


Are you a scouser or anti-scouser?


I think this year is very different. Just based on current form City are rampant with Aguero gone berserk scoring, Liverpool should advance and United will trouble PSG who don’t like it up them. Spurs will struggle against Dortmund I think. Tentatively Roma, Man Utd, Dortmund, RM, Barca, LPool, Juve, City.


Nothing untypical of Aguero in that


He’s in particularly lethal form.


Aguero has a poor record in CL knockout games


It would not have won the last 2 league titles. The gap is getting wider between the top clubs in England and the rest.


Not really, Juve could have won a lot easier. Higuain missed a penalty in the first leg and Costa had a nailed on penalty not given in the second leg. Juve were comfortably the better side over the 2 legs and absolutely dominated the final 30 minutes when the serious football came.

Liverpool had an easy run to the final with Porto City and Roma, none of whom have too hot a record in the CL in the last decade.

City also had a handy last 16 tie.

Truth is all English side exited at the first hurdle of facing a European side of pedigree with the exception of City who went in a one must go all English clash.