Premier League 2018/19


Man U can only max out on 87 points if they win all 12 of their last 12 matches, yet you view Man U as red hot title contenders. You’re a walking contradiction.


I said I find it hard to see United finishing above City but I think they are a bigger threat to City than Liverpool.


A team 14 points behind is more of a threat than a team level on points = Nembo logic


He missed the quarter finals against Liverpool through injury last year. But in his previous 4 knockout games he has 3 goals and 2 assists. That is not a poor record


I meant against good teams. They’re not going to win the Champions League by beating teams like Schalke


they have to beat Schalke to win the Champions league you thick cunt


O.K lads, its time to lump on Aguero for CL knockout games.


They do but those aren’t the games where the need is highest for Aguero to score where he has failed in the past in the CL knockouts


In general when English sides come up against Spanish sides in the CL, it’s tends to end badly for the English side. Even Valencia looked a better team than Man Utd in the group.

United have a serious chance against PSG, though. There is always a whiff of bottler off the Parisians when they come up against serious sides in the knockouts.

Man City should come through easily enough and I’d expect Liverpool to have too much for Bayern’s old men. I can see Spurs struggling though. Possibly too big an ask without Kane and Ali


Man Utd should beat PSG without Neymar and Cavani. Anything else would be a big failure


you’ve had a very bad few days on here looking for the hipster angle. Sergio Aguero is one of the best centre forwards in the history of the game.

He has a hattrick got against Bayern Munich - peak Bayern Munich. Also he scored in the last 16 game against Barcelona that year.

You’ve had some beauts here.


Kun won it in Fergie time, nothing else matters.


He isn’t. He’s one of the best in Premier League history alright

Not a knockout game, irrelevant. He scored against Barca, that’s one game


He scored 2 against Monaco in a knockout game the following year. He is at about a goal in every 2 in knockout games in the champions league. Bit of a drop from his usual standard of a goal about every 100 minutes.

Are you trying to say that Aguero is a bottler or what here, you little cunt?


I’d say that cut the closet United fan deep


Merely a truth. A glorious truth.


No I’m saying that he hasn’t had a very big impact on big CL games in the past. He’d also be doing well to be in the top 10 strikers in the last 10 years, let alone one of the best of all time


He moved to Spain at 18?? Left at 23 I think — You can only judge him on Prem League really …But he has 347 goals from 612 club appearances across Argentina/Spain/England… 39 from 89 at international level… He’s a top striker for sure … In the history of the game, that’s another argument


His record in big games is absolutely ridiculous.


He’s clearly a brilliant striker, one of the best in PL history no doubt, but that’s not what I’m arguing about