Premier League 2018/19


The greatest measure of him is that he has totally reinvented his game … He was a fox in the box type and Pep looked like he was getting rid as he wants more from his players — he is now closing down players all over the field and still getting his goals.


That’s the PED’s in fairness


yeah, you’ve said he doesn’t have a big impact on big champions league games.

He’s scored hattricks against Bayern, scored in about 50% of the knockout games he has played in.

You’re looking for an angle that doesn’t exists here.

I can imagine you sitting there with a beanie on, rolling a fag and coming out with some absolute nuggets like

That is probably the most hipster comment I’ve read on here.


Which are?

Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, alright. I’m struggling to think of any more in the last decade I’d take ahead of Aguero though.


Pep asked questions of him he wasn’t asked before and he has answered.

Sergio is a bit chunky so it takes him a while to get back to top speed after an injury. He has been woefully unlucky with injuries too. That makes his record all the better.


Are Barca the only good team he scored against in a PL knockout game?

What’s hipster about it? Do you think Real Madrid were way above the rest last year?


you said the tournament very rarely has an outstanding team. I mean for fuck sake.


And Messi isnt really a striker … So that leaves Ronnie and Luis …Of course he’d be in your top 10.


Zlatan would be in mine


I’d take Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Lewandowski, Diego Costa, Zlatan and Benzema ahead of him anyway. After that, I’d put Aguero about the same level as Cavani and Higuaín as the next best


It does. 2011 Barcelona and 2013 Bayern are about the only ones in recent times I can think of where the winner was clearly ahead of the rest


I’d have Falcao pre cruciate injury and Zlatan ahead of him. Would have him on a similar level to Lewandoski and Benzema


I reckon United will beat both Liverpool and City in the run in.


2009 Barcelona. 2000 Real Madrid. Ajax 1995. Milan 1994. Madrid 2017

Some of the best teams to ever play football. Madrid hammered Juventus 4-1 in the final in '17 like.


As much as I enjoyed it at the time, Chelsea were robbed in the semi

The others were a long time ago but Real in 2017 is a decent shout and definitely the best in their 3 in a row but Bayern were very very unlucky not to beat them in the semi/quarter whichever it was

Barca 2015 may be another one. Can’t remember them being tested too much


Lewandowski at his best was an excellent striker but I’d rate Aguero higher. I also think Lewandowski is a good bit past his best now.

Diego Costa has never produced the goods in Europe and really only had one very good season for Chelsea.

Zlatan never did the business in the Champions League when needed.

Benzema is a fat, jammy cunt.

Cavani and Higuain are a level below and not real elite strikers.

Harry Kane has done enough at this stage to comfortably be ranked as the one of the top ten strikers in the world over the last decade. Mbappe has probably done enough too even at an early stage in his career.


It’s the pinnacle of European football. No matter how good a team you are you aren’t going to beat everyone at a canter. Great teams win games even when they shouldn’t.

this isn’t a game of Fifa on the playstation.


In both the Barca 09 and Real Madrid 17 cases they were helped by big refereeing errors. It wasn’t through making their own luck really


Benzema is an absolutely brilliant player. Consistently brilliant in big CL games. No striker better at holding it up and linking the play. I’m surprised at you sid


Barcelona 2011 were better than Barcelona 2009.