Premier League 2018/19


Yeah I know, they were one of the outstanding teams I mentioned


He is very effective, but he is also a fat, jammy cunt.


Benzema has 6 goals in his last 22 champions league knockout games.


Also sid, you’re comparing Aguero who you probably watch most weeks in some way to lads who play in leagues you don’t watch. I don’t think there’s any evidence that Aguero is a better player than any of the players I mentioned other than the fact that you watch Aguero most weeks while you only see the other players when they are playing against the very best teams so its a bit unfair on them


Its about more than goals. He is consistently brilliant in Champions League semi finals and finals when Real are under pressure


Zlatan :rofl:


so you are knocking Aguero down for goals scored, excusing Benzema on the same statistic because he holds the ball up.

Sergio Aguero has played in one champions league semi final where he carried a significant knock into the game.


Ok, Zlatan’s agent then


Sadio Mane has scored seven Champions League knockout goals in seven Champions League knockout matches.

The world’s greatest clutch striker.


Aguero is mainly a goalscoring striker. Benzema is not.

Could he not have done anything about them not reaching semi finals?


Zlatan went to the same league as Aguero is getting lauded for scoring in at 36 and walked all over it


Take off your Man Utd PJs.


It’s not Fifa mate you don’t just play the ball over the top to your striker.

Fucking hell you haven’t a notion


I used to believe it was a bit of a joke that he was a closet united fan but its growing more and more difficult to ignore the audit trail.


I think you’re trying too hard here.

La Liga is the only league which rivals the Premier League for strength.

Serie A, the Bundesliga and the French league are all considerably inferior to it.


So a striker can do absolutely nothing to help his team win a game then is what you’re saying? Strange opinion


he’s so hipster he can’t even own up to it so pretends to support Newcastle United.

I’ve never seen him comment on a Newcastle United match.


The Liverpool fans are in meltdown, afraid of their lives to admit that it’s still theirs to lose, conceding defeat :smile:
Time to take it to PM,


Me neither, but I dont be on here much.


I have commented on Newcastle games in the past but I tend not to because not many people here are interested. I’ll make sure to keep you updated tonight as you seem so interested