Premier League 2018/19


In all this striker talk i’ve missed those comments - bump them there please…


ah you’ve taken to deflection now Fifa boy.


You’re the one with the deflection. Calling me FIFA boy because you were caught out again


Zlatan got 15 league goals from play in a team in which the manager effectively ostracised the other strikers.

Romelu Lukaku got 25 league goals in 2016/17 but you don’t get many regular Premier League watchers saying he’s one of the world’s best strikers.


@the_man_himself has half the forum hopping like sausages in a frying pan


He got a season ending injury which would have cut down on that number. At 36 he was one of the best strikers in the PL. Adding that into his whole career where he scored and was a league champion everywhere else he went I would rate him above Aguero. Neither lit up the Champions League


Where was I caught out?

Look I’ll make it simple for you

You said Aguero doesn’t have a good record in CL knockout games - I checked the stats he has 5 from 12 in the knockout games he has played in.

That is a damn sight better than Benzema and Lewandowski who you claim are better than him.

You then went off on some tangent that Benzema plays well by holding the ball up in big games, Aguero has played in one semi final.

So you said why didn’t Aguero get Man City to more semi finals. You seem to think football is a game where your best player wins you matches on his own. This isn’t roy of the rovers type stuff or a game of Fifa.

Sergio, for a number of years was City’s only goalscoring threat. He didn’t have a Ronaldo or a Messi or a Robben/Ribery to take the goal scoring burden off him in big games.

Now that I think about it, his record is actually staggering in knockout European football, given the dependence on him, and Man City’s relative strengths/ lack of alternatives.



His “season ending injury” came on April 20th when there were about three league games left.


Liverpool are going to win the league mate. The only tricky game they’ve left is away to United. They’ve Spurs and Chelsea at home.


Goals aren’t the only thing that matters in football mate. That’s a view a FIFA fan would take. Do you watch games or just check who scored at the end?

If Aguero was as good as you think he should be doing more to help his team win in the latter stages of the CL


Goals are pretty important when you’re a striker.


I dont think anyone has ruled them out - but there’s been so many comments posted here I could have missed the said posts. I’ll wait for @backinatracksuit to bump them


He was 36. Also wasn’t Mourinho basically throwing league games for the last long while as they progressed further in the Europa League?


Of course, they aren’t the only thing that matters though


Goals matter quite a lot in football, if they didn’t why would you keep score?

Maybe you could decide who’s won the game from your FIFA stats?


Zlatan got 17 goals in 27 games in the EPL by the way @Sidney


Salah has a phenomenal goal scoring record since coming to Liverpool — So had Torres … Can we now put them in the top 10?


They’re in the driving seat mate.


Correct. I dont think anyone has said they are not.