Premier League 2018/19


Yes, the person who puts the final touch isn’t the only person responsible for a goal happening though


So you want the striker to assist the goal and score it?


Kevin Philips banged in 30 goals one season for Sunderland in the EPL. Don’t think I’d classify him as a top, top striker though


Salah and Aguero have the best goals per minute average in Premier League history.


the argument is about goals because you said Aguero doesn’t have a good record in the knockout phase. He has 5 in 12 goals, and a number of assists as well. In a team that hasn’t performed well.

What more do you want the man to do?


No, no — he’s in.

That’s 15 strikers and counting in the top 10.


@Nembo_Kid will be along shortly to back you up on this one.


Quinn was assisting him, he was the real class act.


Barca is the only good team he scored against. Aguero is a goalscoring striker. He doesn’t give anywhere near as much as Benzema outside scoring goals. You seem to think your team’s best player has absolutely no impact on how the team as a whole performs


France really suffered when Benzema was turfed out.


he hasn’t under performed. He’s got 5 goals in 12 games. City have not been at the level to compete in the Champions league knockout phase for various reasons. Sergio Aguero is not the reason. Of course your best player has an impact on how you perform.

They aren’t going to win you games on their own when the other team are better, at the top level.


Irrelevant. We can only judge Benzema on games he plays in, not those he doesn’t


you’re judging Aguero for not having played in Champions league finals you muppet


Huh? Where did I say that?


again, I’ll make it simple for you.

You said he hasn’t a good champions league knockout record. He has.
You then said he hasn’t done it against big teams in big games. He hasn’t had the chance.
You had some ridiculous argument then about why he didn’t do more to get them to big games.


He’s scored in 4 games, one of those was against Basel.

How is that ridiculous? If he’s as good as you say he should be inspiring his team through games to get to the latter stages


Who has more international goals, Aguero or Higuain?



You hero worship Lionel Messi right?

Same argument. Why hasn’t Lionel Messi inspired Argentina in International Competitions?

You’re argument is the very same as someone saying Lionel Messi hasn’t got a good international record. Which is bollocks. He has.


Aguero has 8 more in 15 more games. I never said Higuaín was better than Aguero. Its a toss up I think although Higuaín is past his best now


Not very hipster supporting Man U.