Premier League 2018/19


He got them to their first World Cup Final in 24 years. He’s lost a few penalty shoot outs in the Copa America Final. He should have done better to win one of those Copa America’s for Argentina in truth


You’re the one calling me a hipster all the time mate. I am a Newcastle fan but it wasn’t a very hipster choice either considering when I started following them


I didn’t ask you that. Why has Lionel Messi not inspired Argentina to win a cup? It’s the argument you are making against Aguero not inspiring Man City?


Ive learned today that a top ten striker doesnt need to score any goals.
I could have been a top ten striker.


Messi has inspired Argentina to numerous finals. Aguero has not with Man City


You haven’t been reading very carefully if you learned that today


I had my finger under it


It also explains the mystery of davy glennon.


Didn’t Aguero reach all those same finals Messi did with Argentina?


He was a sub in 2 out of 3 of them


I’m a top 10 striker.


Sergio Aguero has won 3 cup finals with Manchester City


All the strikers mentioned have won loads of cups


He was a sub in the World Cup final because he was carrying an injury, wasn’t he?


you just said he hasn’t inspired man city to win any cups. he has.

You have still failed to reason why Messi has not inspired Argentina to win any trophies. It’s the very same argument you are making as to why Aguero has failed to inspire Man City in Europe. Let’s have an answer mate


That rings a bell. He didn’t start any of the knockouts anyway so he didn’t really contribute anything to it


I’ve already said he should have won one of the Copa Americas. My argument has never been that Aguero should have won City a CL on his own. Its that he should have performed better and maybe helped them to win a few more round of 16 or quarter final games


Not an answer

no your argument was he doesn’t have a good record in knockout games. He has 5 goals in 12 games and numerous assists. That’s a good record

Man City do not have a good record in knockout games. This is not because of Sergio Aguero.

Why hasn’t Messi performed better in those finals to help them win it?


He’s scored in 4 games, one of which was against Basel, another of which was against Dinamo Kiev

If he was as good as you say they shouldn’t be getting knocked out in such a meek fashion most years.

Because he hasn’t. What do you want me to say here? I’ve already said he should have done better in the Copa America finals. He got them to those finals and a world cup final however


Like Argentina get knocked out meekly in International competitions most years with the great Lionel Messi?

So scoring goals against teams that have got to the knockout phase of the competition don’t count. But not scoring goals in the latter stages count to make you a better player?

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