Premier League 2018/19


Huh? They’ve got to finals in 3 of the last 4 international tournaments they had. Lost two of those on penalties, another after extra time. Not meek. He got 3 assists against France last summer


Alright lads. Fuck off out of it now.


You’ll go to enormous lengths to defend Messi, yet show bias against Aguero in the same exact argument.

Not only are you a hipster, you’re a hypocrite as well.




I hereby present damning evidence against 10 of the best strikers in the world over the last decade.

Messi: Has continually failed in international final games. Doesn’t score many goals against Italian teams and always fails in Italy. Take him out of Barcelona and he isn’t as good. Isn’t Maradona.

Ronaldo: Continually outperformed in head to head matches by his rival Messi, has never inspired Portugal in the World Cup, contributed nothing to their Euro 2016 final victory, contributed nothing to Real Madrid’s 2014, 2016 and 2018 Champions League final victories. Has a terrible goals per free kick ratio.

Suarez: A loose cannon who gets suspended when most needed.

Aguero: A hatcher who contributes nothing from play other than goals. Doesn’t do it in knockout European football.

Salah: Gets injured when most needed and refuses to play through the pain barrier.

Ibrahimovic: Never did it in the Champions League. Has always preferred to be a big fish in a small pond. Failed to inspire Sweden to reach the 2010 and 2014 World Cups.

Lewandowski: Never did it outside of the weak German League. Bayern Munich have continually failed in Europe since he signed for them and he’s never won a Champions League. Poland have a shit World Cup record during his career.

Griezmann: Hasn’t won a La Liga or Champions League. Bottled it in the Euro 2016 final. Was poor in the knockout stages of the 2018 World Cup, only scoring from two penalties and as a result of a goalkeeping howler.

Cavani: Big fish in a small pond, content to stay in the backwaters of the Italian and French leagues rather than test himself in the big leagues.

Higuain: Fat bottler who continully fluffs chances in finals. Didn’t make it at Real Madrid, didn’t do it outside of the weak Italian league.


I’ve said Messi should have won one of the Copa Americas. Its not the same argument at all. Messi got to finals and then lost in an unlucky fashion with Argentina. Aguero is part of a Man City team which meekly goes out of the CL year after year


Larsson: big fish in a small pond, Scottish football is shit

Henry: Flat track bully

Van Nistelrooy: Held Manchester United back, they were a better team without him both before he signed and after he left

Shearer: Typical uncultured English player whose skills were rudimentary and had little other than physical strength and the ability to blast a ball. Didn’t do it in European club football.


@the_man_himself is right about Aguero.


The last 10 years has been a poor era for strikers.


Mbappe is the truth.


None of them are fit to lace Dixie Dean’s boots.


We will see Tuesday night . The theatre of dreams on a European night is an arena to display his talents .



Enough of the bollocks talk about this. A wager is afoot.

I’ll propose a wager for a forum ban.

I wager that if he stays fit. Sergio Aguero will score 5 goals in the group stages of this seasons Champions league knockout. He will need to start in a minimum of four games for this wager to kick into effect.

@the_man_himself. Will you shake hands on it?


Thats quite good tbf. A wonderful dissection.


Apologies mate, I’ve had a busy morning, I’ll bump those posts of Liverpool fans conceding the league while still in the driving seat later on, how many would you like, will I restrict it to your own posts?


Sure he could get 5 against Schalke alone. I’ll wait to see who Man City get in the quarters and then we might do a bet


As many as you can find.


I haven’t that much time mate, I’d say it’s in the hundreds for you alone


Throw up 4 or 5 so mate … You can include a couple of my own.


the bet stands as it is now. Take it or leave it