Premier League 2018/19


There’s nothing edgy about it mate. Facts are facts.

You prefer good old fashioned English managers over successful ones. There’s no accounting for taste.

Joe Mercer was successful in a golden era for English managers, the last golden era, over 30 years ago


Needy, attention seeking carping on the 70th birthday of one of the good guys, Neil Warnock.


I know one would think you’d know better at this stage.


Does anyone know which 3pm kick off is on sky sports today?


Man City v Bournemouth


Enjoy watching the Champions mate


I very rarely watch UAE City mate. I’m watching my beloved magpies




1-1 ht City Bournemouth


Would you sit in often on s Saturday afternoon to watch English football at 3pm?


Sean Dyche must be in bother now.


What’s happened to him?


Burnley lost again today. They lie in the relegation zone and have Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Everton in 4 of their next 5 games.


They might give him the sack and then he’ll rock up at Southampton and keep them up


Young Mick Obafemi sets up Southamptons first


You can never legislate for the stupidity of soccer owners but Burnley are one of the few EPL outfits that are owned locally. An owner like Mike Garlick and a board of directors who soldiered through the 40 plus years that Burnley were in the lower leagues are unlikely to do something as dumb as sacking Seán Dyche. Different set of values at proper clubs like Burnley and Tottenham that are owned/controlled by local lads and have roots in their local communities.




2-0 beautiful free kick


You’d be very foolish to write off Man U from here. They’ve come from 2-0 down three times in calendar year 2018 to win league games 3-2.


True and Southampton are terrible so anythings possible.
Fellaini equaliser in the 92nd minute is my final answer.