Premier League 2022/23

Pep has been scathing about the condition the English players returned from the World Cup in

Big London derby on tonight between high flying Fulham and spurs and all they can talk about is man United v arsenal.

These highlighter pen away jerseys are cat.

I stuck on lethal weapon 3 Instead

There haven’t been too many players who have gone backwards as quickly as Son for Spurs. Is it the way they are playing or is he just not as good as the moment?

That’s the way it always has been. Paddy Footix is only really interested in Man U, Liverpool and to a lesser extent Woolwich.

There are 92 teams in our English football league. Your average English football fan will follow his local team. Out of the 92 teams in the football league the footix could choose to follow, invariably like sheep they just hand pick one of the elite coterie of monied super franchises to support.

Or Liverpool

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Flahed out I’d say. An injury break would probably be welcome

Both twee and completely incorrect

He was talking about the sky sports coverage broadcast in the UK. Neville and Carragher gave an hour talking about United and Arsenal. You tan cunt

There was a survey in the Paper of Record on it about 2 years ago, possibly. Man U and Liverpool combined had over a million Paddy Footix supporters.

Any man saying 90% of their class in school didn’t follow utd or Liverpool is lying or didn’t go to school in Ireland


A lash of the Kane on halftime


Conte has them purring :heart_eyes:

16 goals this season already. Some going in fairness.

You’d expect they’ll challenge Manchester United hard for 4th place.


Howe going after Gordon and mctominay. He’ll be sacked sooner rather than later.

He hasn’t a clue.

Changed times

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Yes indeed. It was 35 years ago.

Times funny like that