Presidential Election 2018


Looking likely to be a presidential election this year. Craughwell seems to be getting the necessary support and today that fucking ape McGuinness wasn’t ruling herself out of having a go at it. Any suggestions from the leading lights of TFK? Cuntinatracksuit stay away, your opinion isn’t wanted.


Is Michael D not going for a second term, he’s doing a grand job in fairness.


He’s a freeloading workshy hypocrite. Ideal political class.


Ah he’s ideal for it regardless. Fairly inoffensive character. Its a role that suits him.


If he’s the best we can do, I’m a banana.


Compared to the donkeys as in asses who ran against him, with the exception of McGuinness, he’s grand.


Id prefer him to Dana, presuming she’s running again.


I’d love to see Bobby Ballagh in the Áras, would be great craic to watch the national handlers having to deal with him. But he’s 74 now, so his chance may have passed.

Dark horse for me is Fergus Finlay…


John Creedon would make a great president


Once it’s not Miriam O Callaghan I’m not pushed.


John treacy would make a great president.


You have an unbelievable ability to get John Creedon mentioned in every thread on this forum, Did he help out your family back in the day on Barrack street or what?


Good choice. I’m seriously worried that we will end up with someone like that cunt OGorman or fucking Panti Bliss as president. It isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.


Ability :grinning: I use my fingers to type the letters


John Connors would make a tremendous president in the future.


Johnny Logan would be way better than Dana as well


Joe Brolly or Pat Critchley please.


Liam Griffin your country needs you


Can Joe be president of the country and the GGA at the one time?

He probably would manage it.


Pat for one, Joe for t’other.