Presidential Election 2018


I definitely think he could. The presidency is largely an ambassadorial role, much like the ones he carried out with UNICEF and the Galway hurling team last year.


Bertie Ahern would be ideal. The man who brought peace to our Island. A statesman and he has the gravitas


I see that cunt Máiréad McGuinness is sticking her name in the pot for the gig in the park. We are truly scraping the barrel with the likes of this one. I don’t know what I’ll do if it is between her and the former PD OGorman. God forbid that someone gets fucking Panti Bliss on the ticket, we’ll be the laughing stock of the world.


Ah lovely. Can’t believe it’s that time again already. The last one was great craic.



Sean would be a tremendous President!


It’s rare you’d see the bookies favourite described as a dark horse but there you go.


I’m not a betting man, but there you go. What’s the odds on Finlay, and who have you backed?


9/1 joint favourite and I have backed nobody


Sean Kelly would be a great president. A very nice man.



And the GAA would have extra tickets for AIF’s since they would be doubling up on former GAA presidents and Presidents tickets. Win Win. May even be enough for Michelle Mulherin to get a ticket.


He has a great way about him.


And he’s not a midget.


He’d have the West Limerick vote sown up.


There’s never been a Fine Gael president


I like Kelly but he’s a bit too soft spoken and yerraie for the presidency
Someone with a good radio voice and impeccable taste in vintage 45s is who we want in the Aras, John Creedon is the man for the job


Is this gormless idiot on the tonight show the Craughwell that is running for president?



Yes, I’ve gathered that now.


Oooft! Ming says he’ll run for the presidency if Bertie throws his hat in the ring. Box office.