Presidential Election 2018


Bertie would be a fantastic president.




Now that Mary Loo won the abortion referendum, she has the wind in her sails and seems to want an election. Surely they won’t have the balls to put Adams up for election? Just to listen to the meltdown that would happen on liveline, it would be worth doing just that.


Fair play to the shinners. It’s anti democratic to leave Michael P in there, especially after he said at hustings last time out that he’d only do one stint.


How many pensions is this wonderful socialist drawing? ESB, NUIG, TD and Ministerial as well as a salary of 250k. Some man.


Don’t forget seanad and councillor. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was getting money from aosdana as well.




Don’t think he draws his approx 300k per annum pensions while president


Fair play to him if he doesn’t.


Won’t he get it backpaid when he retires?

I didn’t vote for him last time and won’t this time.


He’s a clown but he is unbeatable.


He seems like a harmless enough oul divil to me, I’ll be voting for him.


I hope he has a worthy opponent, I like Michael D but I think one term is long enough for anybody


He is in the Pantheon of great Irish presidents, I’d have him beside Robinson in second place just behind McAleese. I’d put him slightly ahead of Childers who probably would have been the GOAT but for his untimely demise


He has had his go… Time to fuck off and enjoy the 5 or 6 years of life you have left, Michael.


We could have a lot worse. Some FF hack for example.


President Sean Gallagher


President Bertie Ahern.


The peacemaker would be good