Price of a Haircut


I bet the bauld Marouane had no issues going in and asking for a haircut like some of the fellas on here.


What’s the betting he paid three figures for that?


probably corresponding to the likelihood that he didn’t leave clutching a tissue to his blood caked neck


thats a lovely haircut


went for a total change of look today and got a 4 all over, fantastic job with a beard, I feel very light on my feet after it


I got a hair cut and beard trim last Thursday in Snip It in Wexford town on a day trip to the beautiful coastal town. It cost €14 after the €27 bloody experience in Dublin on Halloweeen and I was delighted with the work completed by proprietor Mick O’Brien’s son. Mick has two sons barbering with him in the popular local business.


That was a lovely happy-go-lucky story.


My first wife didn’t like me either, but the feeling was mutual so it worked out ok.


There’s a lot of experience and sense in that post


Hard won but worth it :slight_smile:


You didn’t stick your head back in the noose then


Do you know, I did. Married a hun. Best thing I ever did. What about yourself?


I’ve suffered enough.
'the triumph of hope over experience ’
(fair play though)


Never too late, my friend. Wilde never wanted to be hooked to a woman anyway !
Like the man said: “Find the right woman; then do everything she tells you to”


Didn’t know that was wilde!


You’re right, it wasn’t! Just checked. It was Samuel Johnson.


Haircut today and booked in for the Christmas cut in 3 weeks. Luxurious hair is a lovely gift to be bestowed by a father to a son *

  • *I am aware male pattern balding is linked to the mother side


This is the Price of a Haircut thread bucko. How much did the haircut cost?


€1.60 a day plus a tip.


I called into the barbers at the Hotel Cracovia this morning. Hotel is shut down but the shops are open pending planning being resolved for the site and it all being demolished. Been going there for twenty years. The auld lad was waiting for a customer at 8:15, reading the paper. Half an hour in and out. 40 zlots plus a 10% tip. About thirteen quid.