Price of a Haircut


Really, I mean really, who gives a fuck.


This place is full is completely useless bastards… Can’t get a haircut without it being a big ordeal… @backinatracksuit raging then because he hasn’t had a haircut in 20 years so he can’t share any anecdotes about the topic.


I’m giving that a like despite the dig,


Do ye notice how the really good quality posters can light up the forum by just getting the hair cut, while the really uninteresting lads doing the same make you want to kill yourself.

Note: getting your haircut is not of interest to us and it’s in everyone’s interest you keep it to yourself.
Note2: a good yarn is of interest to us esp if its well told and if thats beyond you then its in everyones interest you shut your mouth.


Says yer man.


Bald, no son produced, home every evening twiddling his thumbs at 4pm.
An awful life.


Sorry for your troubles.


What was her chest like? Did you get a faceful?


I’d rather be a slapheadery than an emasculated, impotent, bleeding, badly cut moron



My first wife told me that it was very important that I don’t lose my hair. She said it was my only good quality.


Odd, most women like pubes trimmed back.


Very nasty post mate


Good luck tomorrow, you still doing it?


I am going to give it a go.


Good luck, watch out for lightning.
I know another fella going up to this as well, sounds like a hoot.


We already know. His photo was circulated to the private group. And Carter’s. Just in case like.


If he was able to go for a haircut it would be the best haircut ever.


Cheers mate. Should be a laugh


Back to the very very interesting haircut stories fellas