Price of a Haircut


I think we’ve turned the corner on that issue.


€20 plus tip in the Grafton Barber on Anne St. The barbershop formerly known as the Green Dolphin. 1 all over. Beard and skull


Did you time it?


I’ve seen the haircuts on some of those polaks, not good


Edgy Dan, very edgy


Anybody remember the flattop haircut from early 90s. The barber used to have a big comb thing with a spirit level built into it


35 minutes. :slightly_frowning_face:… about 30 of those minutes unnecessary faff


Give me 35 minutes to do a blade 1 and I will spend the first 30 sharpening the blade


He had to organise his scissors,set square and rulers and revise Pythagoras’ theory.


I made my tentative return to The Grand Barber at Grand Canal Dock an hour ago almost 6 weeks to the day…and got the same barber. I very nearly said “I’ll wait for Ava, Sonata or Sylwia” but I bottled it again. :eek:

I needn’t have worried. He did a splendid job and I was delighted as I need to be looking my best for groomsman duties at the weekend.

€27 very well spent.

:haircut_man: :scissors:


Ah pal, he couldn’t have gone from that shambolic performance last time to perfectly competent 6 weeks later. I feel you are trying to justify another 27 punts and a poor decision not to change.


What was included for €27?


Hair cut, beard trim, use of facilities (barber’s chair, sink etc), equipment (blades, scissors, electric razor, towels etc), products (wax, ointment, lotion etc) professional expertise, tea or coffee.


How often do you get a haircut mate?


Every 3 weeks, pal.


You must have some head of hair mate. I tend to go every two months


you’d want a haircut every 28 days


Us bearded gentlemen can’t go that long between trims.


Seems pricey. I’d normally pay €14 max for the same bar the beard trim.

You’ll probably pay less when you move to Monaghan.


I got all of the above for €14 (including beard trim) in Snip It in Wexford three weeks ago. It was an unreal good job too. I’d nearly move home in the near future.