Price of a Haircut


Good luck with getting her to move to the Faythe. You’ve somem hope given she’s from Monaghan.

Line yourself up with a nice role in Zurich. Live the dream.


Did you round it up to 30?


I certainly did.


Does the groom post here mate ?


How is the lovely Sylwia, mate?


Is Sylwia the big horse of a one.


Every 8-9 days at least! :joy:


No, she’s the lovely blonde Polish lass.


He used to until he posted about a work colleague with a very unusual name on here under his @steamboatsam moniker and got into serious hot water when the colleague subsequently googled their own name (as you do) and a scathing TFK mention was halfway down the first page of results. It was like something out of INM afterwards with official complaints being made to HR and sweeps being done of PCs to see who in the office had been using the niche forum.

He’s in a better place now, however.


I have no idea who you’re on about but hope he has a lifetime of happiness.

I hope you have a great day too mate.


@steamboatsam, mate.

Thanks for the good wishes. If the wedding is half as enjoyable as last month’s bachelor party / bucks weekend then it’ll be a smashing day.


€15 for the usual Blade 3 back and sides and scissors on top in Karizma in Cark. Was quiet pleased with the outcome so I handed the man 20 euro and told him to keep the change. I’ll do untold in NCW over the Christmas.


I’m in the queue, certain to land the pick of the two hairdressers when a dottery auld lad hobbles in. A bit of a quandary, I should let him go first, and be punished for my kindness by having the dour hard looking blade cut my hair. Then a third barber enters the fray and calls for the next customer . “Sure go on you ahead” I.said in a kindly tone to the elderly gentleman. Off he hobbles to the chair, thanking me, while I catch an approving smile from my hairdresser of choice.
I’d a lovely chat with the her- all leggy, shapely and lovely. A deadly article altogether.
£7 with a fiver tip.


Did you get a boob on your ear?


I had my head eased back between her cleavage, there was the briefest moment of the gentlest contact. She’s promised not to press charges.


$2 for me in my local. Tidy cut but a bit pedantic. The Cambodian barbers tend to elongate the process a bit too much for my liking.


If say if ear hair involves part of the scope this could account for much of the time taken in your case Raymond


You surely tip a fella if he’s giving you a $2 haircut?


Indeed. Sometimes foreigners get charged more so do not tip but if I get charged Khmer price I tip.


Any auld plan to return home @RaymondCrotty you’re out there a long time now?