Privatized Speed Cameras from next week

Morning fuckers!

This is the list of speed cameras that will be in place apparently from next week.

Personally, with motorways getting so good, it’s really only for the serious turfmuching brigade and not for those who prefer to drive on tarmac instead of cowshit.

Safe home cunts,

Yours in public service,

Are these cameras a permanent fixture here i.e. hoisted on top of a pole or are they just areas that they will be putting emphasis on in terms of traffic corps?

It seems to be the usual black spots.

The dualer between Templeogue Bridge and the Spawell.

The dualer around Mullingar.

A few at home.

They seem to be the ones that will impact on me.

I generally keep within the speed limits in the city anyway.

The dualer haha.Kev was onto something in the accountants thread about country lads getting subsumed by urban colloquialism.

They are safety cameras not speed cameras. Safety cameras.

Only natural when you live in the city. Wouldn’t say it is something to get a bee in your bonnet about.

Do we still have those 30Kph speed limits in the city centre?

Nothing to do with the traffic corps if it’s contracted out…

The one on the Turvey Road will make a fortune if it was nicely hidden. There is a nice half mile straight there which is good for clearning the cobwebs out of the engine and scaring the wits out of walkers.

Yours etc,

That “dualer” at the Spawell is ridiculous. 60km me hole.

I don’t think so. Didn’t they remove it after the outrage over it?

It’s 50 futher in towards Templeogue.

I think there was a major accident there years ago where there someone was knocked down by a guy doing a huge speed.

Can these private speed companies operate on the Motorways?

I see no “M” mentioned in the list of roads.

This is key.

I see the M4 mentioned at Kinnegad - I know the stretch they are talking about. Just before the limit drops to 100.

The road from Limerick to my home place is about 16kms long.
If you add up the length of speed enforcements zones on the route it adds up to 11km!

It’s bullshit alright. I stick to it rigidly though. Manys the time I’ve seen a sneaky bastard in yellow peeking out from behind the bus stop with the speed gun in his hand.

I have seen those sneaky bastards aswell. Then they chime on about how their speed campaign is all about ‘visibility’. Fucking scumbags. An utterly discredited force I have zero faith in.

its 50 from the lights at the start of the dual carriageway heading towards the m50, i know becasue some cunt of a cop did me for doing 60 there recently, hiding at the entrance of the houseing estate just after it goes into the 60 zone, sneaky prick.
a fucking joke of a limit in that area but yes someone was mowed down crossing that road a few years back, they put in the pedestrian crossing and reduced the limit from 60 to 50 at that very spot

I am currently the owner of six penalty points,its been fierce tough going over the last 3 Years trying to avoid picking up any more,2 of my points are up this Month and the other 4 are up in January,im looking forward to driving with a clean slate for a while,ill be keeping a close eye out for these cameras,a close eye.

I’m 6 and counting as well.I have been haunted lucky a couple of times.Not sure how long I have to wait until they expire but You would be dreading to ring up and find out in case they had a proper look and found out you had more or something.

But what I want to know is ,are these cameras there the whole bloody time or from time to time.Are they like CCTV as in the M50 tollbridge or are there they this private company that everybody is talking about?

Time to time.
They are operated from the back of vans like the existing Garda GATSO units.