Question for the Rastoolers

Can someone give me the name of this woman and the context of this photo please. I’m assuming Bloody Sunday? Thank you


Countess Markievicz, GPO, 1916


Photo is circa 1970 so we can rule out MaryLou. Bernadette McAliskey anyone…

Maith an fear :+1:



Got it

Did you know her yourself?

Someone buy this octogenerian a pint
For Doyle, the man who shot the picture, the false story attached to his photograph is “a good example of all the crap that goes out on the internet among everything else.”

I know nothing, if a serious question no, my ex and Bernadette were close enough

Give us the scoop bai, Gwan gwan

It couldn’t be Bloody Sunday, there were no confirmed IRA shooters that day or no photos of them anyway.

I recall reading before that it’s a staged photo from Belfast in the late 1970s / early 1980s. One of those ones that they did from time to time to publicise themselves. It may be Mairead Farrell.

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Well I didn’t want to say anything

It is MF, from the IRIS magazine
Iris was a Provo promo mag which was mainly for the us (coffers) audience.
In another issue Raymond Gilmore (super grass supreme)
Is seen in the Creggan estate with 5/6 other volunteers but the stand out in the picture is he’s the only one wearing light coloured trousers,
which turned out to be in case a SAS unit came upon them by chance and attacked them, he was untouchable


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Is it not one of those psychopath price sisters?