Question for the techies

I recently got an O2 broadband USB Modem. It works ok except…there is a constant interference, like the mobile phone on radio interference, on the laptop when I have the mute button disabled. It’s ok while the laptop sound is muted but thats no good to me if I want to watch youtube or something. Any ideas on how to rectify the problem folks? Any one else have similar problems before?

anyone have any experience in tracking down the senders of anonymous emails or gmails? this topic may have to be taken to the PM’s… :popcorn:

not a WUM by the way

Not much chance to be honest, unless you can get a court order.
You’ll probably be able to find the senders ISP and maybe a rough location but that’s about it.

can they not track where that email account has been logged into? cops have been next to useless and the issue is ongoing.

The cops should be able to alright. They would get a court order from a judge that would force an ISP to hand over the details of the i.p. address that was sending the emails. But I’d imagine it’s a lot of hassle for them and they would be slow enough doing that unless it was v important.

yeah but was there a case there lately how Dara o Se or someone was able to sue an anonymous internet poster who made allegations against him.

Yes, but again I’d say that information would have been handed over on foot of a court order. There’s the whole data protection act and all that goes with it, websites/isp’s won’t just give out somebodies details willy nilly.

Who is Dara O Sé? I’ve heard of Dara O Cinneide and Darragh O Sé, but this other fella is new to me.

I’ve heard of Dara Ó Cinnéide and Darragh Ó Sé but not Dara O Cinneide and Darragh O Sé.

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Well played, knew I should have checked that :smiley:

so only a court order could force google to give up details of what ISP was used to log into that account - then would the same court order force eircom or whoever to give us the individual IP’s?

bit more serious that that I’m afraid. Wont say anymore on the main board though.

Not quite.

The mail comes into your inbox, it will have an ip address attached in the headers (I would have to investigate how you recover that from gmail), but you should be able to find it yourself.

Once you have the IP there are plenty of sites online that will trace the IP address back as far as the ISP that provided it (eircom etc), but then to get any further details you would need Eircom to hand them over to you, and they would only do that on foot of a court order.

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Yeah once you get the IP address (from the message headers as Runt suggested) then you can use (if it’s European; arin if it’s US or loads of alternatives) to see what ISP they are and you will probably find out what exchange they’re using. That’s as far as you’ll get without the courts getting involved. Think we may have discussed this before ages ago - same thing?

Ah go on, gives the drift of what the e-mails are saying anyway

Ya I found that stuff out on the net today. I think gmail might even encrypt there mails though. Couldn’t find the IP address on a mates gmail that was sent to me anyway.

Ya it’s the same thing. Maybe our forum law and order might advise. There seems to be a few goons on the case at the mo. It seems only Interpol can force google to hand over their records and they are unlikely to do so in this case. I must try my google sources as I doubt Dara O Se went to Interpol