Quitting smoking

Off the smokes 3 days cold Turkey no vape or nicotine anyone else in the same boat.
Anyone know when u are nearly out of the woods

Good man. @myboyblue can field this.

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Getting craving but it seems to only happen after eating a meal

For me, probably 2 months before the cravings fucked off. The meals early days are the worst.

I am trying to keep myself busy but ita the meals that are killing me.
Are you long off the cigarettes

Youl be grand in 3 or 4 years pal. Best of luck

Cheers mate

Fucking quitter


2 years in March

Read ‘The Easy Way’. It’s so easy…a straightforward account of why you smoke, what tricks you play on yourself, why using will power is so ineffective etc. And you can smoke as much as you want…

Fair play buddy. Had 2 tonight like a knuckle head but getting there

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Is this available to download on a kindle or is it just a bookshop job

Iv manager to drill into my head that I am benefiting giving them up when I get a craving I fight with myself for picking up a smoke in the first place

You are not ready. When you really want to stop you won’t just smoke two like that.

I’m on the fucking vape and normally don’t smoke now but ran out so had a dirty fag. Disgusted but need to throw both away…

Buy the damn book. That’ll be you sorted. No cravings, no effort etc

Give up that vape, kid. Worse habit imo

Yep agree, you’d tend to smoke them more too than you would fags. I’ll get there discipline discipline pal

I cannot fandom why people would use the big vape machines like chimney pots