Rats - A thread about Cats

Currently at least one rat out my back garden. Not pleasant at all. In fact I could be described as being on edge. Have called pest control and they are calling out tomorrow morning to put poison down. How likely is this to be successful and do they call back to take rat(s) away?
What is making it worse is I called in next door and they don’t seem to share my concern despite fact that at least one rat is climbing between two gardens.

You big girl. Find the nest and burn it with a gallon of petroleum. Have a shovel on standby to whack the vermin to death as they flee

All that’s wrong is that you’ve seen it. They are always there.

One of the cats landed one on the door step last week.

Do they live in a nest? Seems to be digging like shit and then goes underground.
Do they usually come in groups?

Where there is one you can be sure there are more…

Do you know where the hole is?

Here’s what you do. Find the holes (there are probably a few in same area), block them all up except two, into one of them pump some dirty smoke, and have a couple of terriers waiting at the other hole.

Fook that I think there may be one more than one all right as size seems to vary. Pest control are calling at ten tomorrow. Sooner the bloody better. It could well ruin my Tour De France watching which is another disappointment. I don’t want to keep looking out so tempted to shut blinds etc but horrible know it/they are out there.

They are capable of squeezing under door frames and getting into houses. But it’s probably unlikely.

Do any of your neighbours have a jack russell or yorkshire terrier?
It’d be a bit of craic to bring them in and let em go at the hole.

If they are in the garden you can be sure they’ll have figured away into the house. I know a fella who woke up one night to find one sitting on his chest.
Just saying like.

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No they don’t runt.

They’re obviously feeding on something if they’re there. Take all bins and rubbish out of there. Rats aren’t that interested in how nice the garden is but more so on what they can eat there.

Yeah I have all bins out the front and fook all in them. I think they may be feeding on something out next doors back garden as they are going to and fro and rat appeared to have something in its mouth and then settled down in hole it is making in my garden. Highly unpleasant. I shall not be venturing out the back garden.

They are probably already in the house, crafty cunts. Start by tucking your pants into your socks mate. Last thing you want is one of them making a go for your scrotum.

Sleep if you must but they have been known to climb into beds. I would leave my tucked in pants on going to bed. The last thing you want is one of them making a go for your scrotum

Is there any particular part of one’s body that one wouldn’t want a rat to target?

Scrotums mate… Rats and women (some say they are one and the same) have a fondness for them.

Probably a baby’s arm…CM was right, petrol and a shovel…Pest control :lol:

I remember visiting an old neighbour at xmas and having a few shots of whiskey with him… late on in the evening a fcuking rat strolled though the living area, stood back and looked up at the two of us, sniffed the air and hopped on…

We didnt exchange words over it, merely took another sip and continued our conversation.

Larry, grow a pair of balls and put a plan together to kill these cunts. You cant be too cruel when it comes to Rats. Pest control FFS… man up and devise a strategy.

I wonder about what kinda lads Rocko and Larry were reared as. One is afraid to bleed a radiator and talk to people on the phone, the other is hiding under his bed because he saw a rat in the back haggard.

i love this thread