Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


There will be serious marks docked if it’s out of a packet.


Definitely packet pepper sauce,


Vacuum packed supermarket steak, might be value for money but not for me I’m afraid.


You better believe it. Ain’t nobody got time for scratch on a Thursday




you can’t beat a fresh fig



The flavor of poblano peppers in a fajita mix is simply wonderful.


Brunch at the zoo


ruh roh


How would you like your egg sir?, beside an other one as the man says


that feed will do me for the day, I am getting a redeye tonight in Gatwick and always have a nandos there, I suppose you could call it a little tradition of mine


I like mine with a kiss is another one


You’d get simple fellas that would get pretend hunger a few hours after that feed and would throw in a chocolate bar and a bag of taytos and fuck themselves right up… It takes discipline to abstain from such folly and remain on the righteous path.

That’s the beauty of having balanced blood sugar levels. No peaks, no troughs, just clarity and a savage focus.


A cup of coffee will do me at 3 o clock


Christ lads I’ll be stuffed after eating all of this.


Trained first thing this morning and I’m ravenous since. Baked a loaf of brown bread while I was grilling a few sausages and now just finished making a lovely sweet potatoe soup.

I’m thinking of making a Madras from scratch later.


Was that a food baby or a real baby ye had last week?


Huevos Rancheros.

Baked eggs, in a tomato sauce with corriander, garlic, jalapeños, pepper, cumin and chorizo.


Looks like a Primal Scream cover.