Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


I’ve had these in my head the last few days, gonna make em for my lunch.


What’s the ratio of eggs to sauce there?




It looks like 2 eggs and 2 jars of Dolmio.


An awful amount of trouble for 2 auld eggs in a bit of sauce.


I don’t care for them myself as it’s way too much effort for very little return… Scrambled egg with jalapeno is superior.




Did it myself the other week. Tasty enough and would fill you without being bloated. A big men from me.

Have a massive pot if chilli on here now which will bubble away from the afternoon


I have that frying pan


A noble bit of kit



True, but nothing wrong in taking a bit over breakfast of a Sunday morning . The whole thing took about 25 minutes.


There’s nothing complicated about it, it’s just cunts on here trying to be innovative. Heat up a bit of salsa in a skillet, fire in a few eggs, cover and cook. Serve on a warmed tortilla, with cheese if you want. You’d have it done while you are making scrambled eggs which actually take a bit of care to do right.


Trying a new roast potato recipe this afternoon. Very large chunks of potato parboiled in heavily salted water with 1/2 tsp baking soda. Coat with some rended fat off the meat, oil, Rosemary and garlic. Hot oven for 40 min, turning once.


Did a bit of roast lamb today


Is it a small bit overdone. I love it pink as a pussy.
No sauce?


I did a bit of roast pork.
The gravy was the highlight. Roasted the pork on a bed of mixed veg, garlic and bay leaves ( a trivet?) .
For the gravy, added cider after removing the meat from the roasting dish along with flour and chicken stock. Added a bit of corn flour to thicken. It was different class.

My own apples and blackberries in a crumble for dessert.


Spectacular mate, 9/10 even without a photo.


Gravy mate, I’m beginning to think your eyes aren’t great.


It’s very scarce. If I cooked lamb that well done, I’d be smothering it in sauce.