Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread



Chicken Kiev?


organic fishcake, I just had the other one and another spud, fit to burst here


Nice. I must try to eat more asparagus.


its an incredible food, up there with beetroot, it can give you that extra 1% when you need it


It makes your piss smell of rubber.


Make sure to cook it properly mate, it’s common practice here in Ireland to chop off the woody bits at the bottom, obviously they don’t worry about that in Blighty.


Does rubber have a smell?


That is the catheter @Fagan_ODowd


Happy world obesity day pal!


On the Radio there the WHO were saying that soon there will be more obese people than underweight people. Like it was a bad thing. Obesity is often a choice. Malnutrition generally isn’t.



Christ your diet is shocking altogether, a bag of frozen veg every once in a while won’t save you at all mate, you’re fucked.


Can you not see it’s on sourdough?


:smiley: about as healthy as Lucosade and maltesers


And its already been proven he’s the bulb of Carl Froch.


Fillet of beetroot salad



Nearly dole day?


And to think @horsebox would begrudge him the extra fiver a week.