Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


My kids’ favorite dinner, Coq au Vin, this time with the perfect roast potatoes. I never served it with roast potatoes before but it was most excellent. Especially with extra sauce, the sauce was outrageous (and not from a packet). Secret ingredient, a few stems of fresh tarragon in the sauce… and a bottle of red.


I’d ate that.


A bottle of red is the secret ingredient in a coq au vin eh?


Hands up who’d ate that.


Is that mustard on your steak? Deviant.


or a delivery from a bird with the scour.



You’re gone mad on the sourdough, kid.


its a gamechanger


I’m ravenous this evening. Rare ribeye thinly sliced and sat on top of toasted sourdough with tomato onion and gherkins a good lash of mustard cheddar and topped with two fried eggs and with a load of sweet potato wedges on the side.


Sounds lovely, deserves a picture


Tarragon mate, the bottle of red was for me.


Would have just looked like two whopper sandwiches and a heap of wedges, wouldn’t do justice to the volume, and in particular, the quality of the ingredients that went into the meal.





Cant beat a good fry up thats for sure


I’m gone mad on spuds lately, I’m ateing them morning, noon and night


What fucking size are you at all.
You’re a simple fella no doubt, every day is Groundhog Day,


Made some cheesy pasta thing there with bacon, spinach and chicken.


that looks delicious