Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


I have the same mug :ronnyroar:



No words needed.


Where did it all go wrong???


Is Rudolph arriving early this year?




Have you no knives, looks like you’re eating that burnt meat caveman style.


Twas a bit overdone all right but you’d get away with it with tri tip, flavor was unreal.




Do you kW that the most nutritious part of the carrot is the outside layer? You should wash it rather than peeling it. You’ve mugged yourself off again.


Day 2 :yum:


Where’s Luigi’s @Locke
There used to be a Luigis on the grand parade years ago, between the market entrances, best pizza I ever had but that was cause it was usually consumed after three AM and it was as greasy and cheesy as fuck. Took my wife on one of our first dates there before going to see Independence Day.


Across from the Opera House. Great pizza


Is that Luigi Malones? That was very overpriced in the TFI Friday style when it arrived in Cork first,
They used to ship in Dungeness crab from the US though and that was fairly decent.


That’s the one. Run of the mill now, grand for what it offers. No bookings required, great for families etc


First time having a meal at the homeplace in months. The mother duly obliged with a roast.

Obviously I went back for more spuds. Time for a bit of tart and ice cream now


La di da with your special potato serving thing like they have in them fancy carvery places


I wonder is Ma Cauli double jobbing the ice cream scoop?
Fancy coasters as well under all the plates and bowls, those farmers are rolling in it.


You should have more feeds there mate, no glass of milk?


Good spot for chicken wings before every place had chicken wings. Its actually a great location and fine premises. Grand spot