Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Fantastic I love a bit of chorizo


Yeah so do I and you wouldn’t think it but that meal was actually very simple to prepare. First I cut three slices off the sourdough and then placed them in the toaster for 90 seconds. While they were toasting I carefully peeled the outer layer of the chorizo and sliced into small sections. Before I knew it the toaster popped up and then I lovingly spread hummous on the sourdough before neatly placing the chorizo sections across the surface.


Your ability to rustle up a bit of delicious simple grub is only second to your ability to tell a story, reading that post was almost like being there.

Great grub, great post


Just arrived home there now having attended a funeral on the way home. Nobody here. Dinner in a cold oven.
A plate of half dried out pasta with 3 chicken gougans on top. Im heating a bit of pasata on the hob now and I’ll pour it over the cunt of a thing which should make it half edible.


What’s pasata? Some kind of sauce?


squeezed tomatoes with the pips strained out of it


Ye like a tomato sauce. Pure tomatoes.



Some class of avocado and pesto gazpacho?


What is that pretentious hape of shite? I suppose you paid a fucking fortune for it.


They saw him coming.


Unlike Jackson.


When the woman is free you can pay more for the food.




Sevem Fish Fingers… you animal :+1:


4 Slices of Brown Bread Bread toasted, 6 fish fingers grilled, doused in vinger & a shake of salt, covered in beans. What a delightful simple aul sandwich. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:






I had a little lol at it myself.


Thats a savage plate of food. You must be looking forward to rag week