Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread



I went for the same again tonight except with four potatoes worth of chips instead of three.


Boiled the bollox off a chicken carcass with some root veggies yesterday and made a lovely stock β€” Made a lovely soup with it today and have a crusty roll (cc @KinvarasPassion) lashed with butter ready to go …


No wonder your blood sugars are all over the place


You boiled the bones without scorching them in the pan first?? :man_facepalming:


Why would I scroch them? They were roasted for 1hr.45mins


Do you use an air fryer for the chips?


Nah just chop and dry them then toss in a bit of oil and salt and throw them in the oven. Or you can parboil them first and then do the same thing. The key is to dry them before they go in the oven.


Finished now lads, days work done.

Simple aul bit of brunch.


and not a thing wrong with it mate.


proper nutritious food, none of this toasted avocado and sweet potato shite


Proper bit of atin


I’d at every that, but the tea is very wake.


Coffee, pal.


Ah jaysus.




What type of tea do they make in Waterford?
It’s obviously a nice creamy coffee.
Waterford deviants.


I just had 3 big lamb chops onions mushrooms tomato 2 waffles coleslaw 2 slices of homemade brown bread a big mug a tae and a twirl.I’m stuffed.


A proper ravenous post.


Proper ateing. None of this avocado on toast shite