Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread



Thanks @Tassotti for the inspiration. The Avocado is mashed with a nice drop of tobasco. Delish!


Ah yes, a great TFK tradition, not quite Jimmy Floyd potatoes but well done, pity we can’t get out to Dunnes to stock up on avacadoes


Can’t wait for lunch


You need to be ateing right and proper in this weather


I’d ate that


I had to come out of ketosis there briefly, rough and ready but it hit the spot


After your post this morning, I went down and got a leg for Sunday. No veg to be had though. Hopefully deliveries of fresh will be in before then


I’d fucking ate that right now.
I see it’ll be a few rashers and eggs for my lunch in solidarity with many of my TFK brethren.


I’ve something special on the go here. Pics to follow.


I’ve a beef stew in the slow cooker since 10, going to be savage.


Some scallops & puddin.


You’ve massacred the scallops


Cooked with puddin, they’re lovely


What a let down.




They were outstanding.


Look good to me pal


A simple bit of aul grub for a simple man


lovely, none of this avocado on toast shite, proper good food for a cold day