Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Longer than that, humans split off from other primates about a million years ago. Must be some unique species that’s survived over that way since then.


Very very wrong.


Aye. A few hurling injuries messed that up. I wouldn’t say many round here would know about that, watching on from the sidelines


Explaining = Wexfording




That thumb has a co medal. I’d lose my thumb for a co medal.


The pretend farmers with the hands that do dishes are letting themselves down here


It has like fuck. It’s bent from being up his hole too much.


Do you know not who @caulifloweredneanderthal is ?


Pal…keep it under wraps please

Don’t want to upset all the pretend hurlers here


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: sorry bud.


Explain to a philistine…





@backinatracksuit & @gilgamboa I just read an interview with Takashi Miyazaki, who owns that Japanese Restaurant in Cork and he went through his career in detail. He made absolutely no mention of having cooked for the Emperor of Japan.

In fact, before he moved to Ireland he was working in an Irish pub in Hiroshima cooking fish & chips, and steak & Guinness pie.




Who started that one anyway?
Did you arrive into first class and tell them all there was no Santa Claus?


They had to fly over Lavinia from Galway to teach him how to cook chips


The Cork crowd will believe any auld yarn as long as it is in Cork’s favour …

They are very parochial and clannish


Did you ever call in there, he does lovely grub, in fact I think I’ll get my dinner out of there this evening