Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


I couldn’t die wondering so I looked back,

It was @balbec that started the emperor of Japan rumour, fun while it lasted though, spoilsport


That would be very unlike @balbec.


I could have sworn it was true.


You had a few here convinced as well it seems :clap:


Go way? Seriously?


Some fellas :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Cork lads badly exposed and backtracking all over the place.


@balbec won’t like that description.


Treaty Stones after popping a bubble here for the gullible lads


Could be an investigative nice post award coming here, in other news, it turns out that MBB isn’t Larry Murphy, I was sitting on a bus that he was on last week and a post came through while Larry had his hand down his pants


@TreatyStones has the Cark lads hopping up and down like sausages in a pan.


Hes banging out a big one here


Baked Mexican Style Eggs




This was the one that got them all hopping…balbec weighs in then and god knows how many others the lads have told about the famous chef in cork…fuck sake too easy :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wowza :kissing_closed_eyes:


Is there tortillas under all that?


No its a vegetarian dish.


I lined the dish with tortillas


This was taken just before he asked me directions to the takeaway that used to be called the Yangtze River,
He was outside Cissie Young’s at the time so it was no bother