Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


That’s awful Shiite to be eating


She was just putting on a roast when i left earlier.


Lovely jubbly…


Did she do the thing with the talc? Its fucking smashing on freshly waxed balls.


Nothing fast about this fabulous food tonight…


Cauliflower is a horrible food


Boiled like that it is. Totally different when roasted, it’s lovely then.


Roasted cauliflower is my current favourite food, absolutely amazing,
Par boiled, rubbed with oil and various spices, roasted until just the tips are almost black, accompanies anything


Was at a meeting today where lunch was provided. The rolls where heavily laden with coleslaw. I’m on the jacks since.


It’s terrible shite


That’s my problem alright


Cauliflower is unreal… Par boiled is good enough for me. Cauliflower mash is unrale also.


The veg were all steamed. It’s the only way…



cauliflour rice is where its at


Nice, what spices do you use?


Whatever you fancy, I sometimes use those Schwarz ready mixed spices, the ones for steak are nice


Must try that out, I usually just roast with some various grated cheeses & and a few herbs from the garden, thyme, parsley etc. & a bit of sesame seed oil.


Have either of you tried marinating cauliflower?


Yes, a homemade chutney marinade. Have u a suggestion?