Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


The breakfast of champions, obviously


Nice cup buddy. Wouldn’t give the food to my dogs.


My estimation about you as a man, just fucking plummeted


Right :rollseyes:
I made that breakfast and all.


Yakiniku tonight lads.


Good lad
A smell of “try hard” putting a bottle of whiskey into the shot. What kind of a cunt drinks whiskey with their dinner?

What a staged picture. Next time he’ll have a medal or an employee of the month award just casually sitting beside his dinner plate to show us how great he is.
What a sad cunt.


Battered Maple Sausages :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:






I’d ate that. Is that a proper black pudding or some mass produced Shiite


Ive a leg of lamb in the oven since ten. The aroma is fucking lovely around here


Athea black pudding. Small scale operation. Lovely stuff. Under the egg is a hash brown type thing I made. It was savage.


I’ll look out for that you can’t beat a decent black pudding


Happy to oblige. You never fail to disappoint


Leg of lamb


Drinking Bushmills and watching McIIpube… That’s about right.


I’m hungover and ravenous… I’m just pulling into Kent station and very tempted to head to Burger king to get a filthy burger… Only grease can scratch this itch.


Burger king is muck. Surely there is some decent chipper In the area even if there is no chicken hut.


I just had a double whopper… I don’t mind their burgers once or twice a year… I was very tempted to get a falafel from the Rocket Man in Winthrop Arcade, but the fucker is charging 7.50/8 Euro for a little wrap. You couldn’t be paying out for that when you’re hungover.

Hopefully princess has something cooking when I get in …