Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Here ya go, incredible stuff

turkish eggs menemen
lightly scrambled eggs w/ Turkish çemen (a type of herb similar to fenugreek), roast peppers, whipped feta, kalamata olives, and a chilli, red onion & mixed herb salsa, on our toasted Georgian bread


Can you please clarify how the second word is pronounced, because right now that sounds horrific.


I mentally went with cement less the t but I do see the problem :astonished:


Oh fuck. :face_vomiting:


I called to the local fishmonger on the way home and he sold me a massive bag of frozen prawns. Literally a ziplock bag full of em for 20 quid about 40 prawns id say. Hed all the dirty work done with the shells.

Threw a dozen of em into a pan with garlic butter and big meaty mushrooms and a few chilli flakes. Fuck me unreal. Kids ate them sweet. Simple is best


Some little Vietnamese fucker with a pair of filthy paws on him had all the work done for you kid.


Just had two slices of spotted dog with a bit if butter there.


Fair play to him. Mighty little workers I believe


He probaby injected the antibiotics into them also.


Twas hardly they worth their while to peel em inject antibiotics into them freeze them and ship them half way around the world wholesale them to my local fishmonger and give him a margin to sell them to me at 50c a pop. Fascinating


I love prawns but I’m wary about them these days, they’re full of plastic.


Did Hhe pull them our of the river Lee and shell them himself? Did you ask him where they came from?


The ones I got from Vietnam seemed ok


He bought em off the ferry in castletownbere. I often went down for the spin with him over the years. He shells them in the shop over the course of the day between customers.


He goes to castletownbere, buys them off the boat, shells them veins them freezes them and bags them?
And then sells them for 50c?



He wouldnt just buy a bag of prawns when he would be down there. Hes a big van


A big window too I’d say


Castletownbere is a beautiful area I was down there last summer for the first time in the town. Magnificent.


Yeah me too. Only ever buy north Atlantic prawns now which is a shame because they’re much smaller. Think it might have been some prick like @Julio_Geordio who posted an article here that put me off Asian prawns.


The Dublin Bay Prawn is the best cc @The_Selfish_Giant