Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


FAO Irish amateur chefs and gourmands like @glasagusban and @Horsebox. What do you call this potato dish? It’s new potoates just freshly dug from the soil, boiled and then strained and mashed with scallions, milk and butter that have been cooked a bit


Mash with a bit of scallion.


Champ (in an ashtray)




It’s pure champ


champ for slow learners


Peasant food, mate.




No, colcannon has cabbage or kale.


I think my old folks used to call it pound when I was growing up. Never heard it anywhere else …


Pandy, no?




Pound it was called as far as I remember. Mashed potatoes, butter, scallions, milk salt and pepper.


You lads saying pandys, poundies, pound or whatever,what’s that about




What is the other stuff on the plate?


1970s ashtray


chicken breast in a creamy winey tarragon sauce, and a completely fucked up crab cake.


you hardly expect me to bring out the good china for this place?


Fair point. You could rattle spuds around in a galvanised tin bucket round here. The savages could tell you all about them just by the rattle. Peasants