Re: Weekend Flutter

F**king typical, was watching that crap that was ManUre Fulham and by the time I realised the Mayo game had started it was too late. I did however remember to get my Luton/Bristol double on in time.

Let out a gay little cheer when Gooch got that last point in injury time, my luck is turning, I can feel it. Need Chris Di Marco to storm through and win the golf now.

As expeected Tiger walked the PGA in the end. Pity he had no challengers in the end. 2 parts of the “tiger slam” now in place.

Anyone back Garcia e/w?

Thats the last event for the US ryder cup points. As it stands (before PGA) there a few guys I never heard of in the last few places. Good news for Europe I think as these guys probably don’t play much outside America. Lehman picks his wildcards tomorrow. Daly would be a nice choice but he’ll never be picked. Some people think he should pick himself as he wasn’t that far from making the team. I think Stewart Sink and Davis Love III look like they could be wildcard picks.

Europeans have a couple of more weeks to go before their team is picked. I read that Clarke is guaranteed a wildcard as long as he plays in the compitition the week before and feels he’s up to play. Both Harrington and McGinley are close to not making it bit I’d say they will hang on. If Clarke is one wildcard who should be the second? Would have said Bjorn should get it but by the looks of his golf recently he’s not really on form. I’d like to see Westwood get it. He’s playing ok at the moment and I think he’s a good Ryder Cup player. He would be good to have if Clarke is their as they are good buddies and they have played well together in the past. Miguel Angel Jim?nez is another contender who would also be a good player for the team.

Think I’ve probably hijacked this thread but couldn’t be arsed setting up a Golf/Ryder Cup Thread. Over to you WOW.


Hopefully running to the glue factory, cnut of a horse

4 debutants on the US team (wonder how many of them have passports, was it Ben Curtis who didnt have a passport before and had to apeal to some federal authorities to get him one quick so he could play in europe?)

Clarke and Westwood would be my two wildcards for the EU and Love III and Daly (but he wont be picked). Daly would be great for the event and bring some much needed ‘character’ to the event.

McGinly is up to ninth now (eventhough he didnt play) and would really have to fook up not to make the team now.

Just got passed a tip for Quai Du Roi in the 5.40 @ Roscommon. Currently 11/4 with Powers. Worth an e/w at least

Just announced:

Lehman has picked Cink and Verplank as his wildcard picks. Surprised he didn’t go for Davis Love III. No surprise Daly wasn’t included.


Shame Daly wasn’t picked, but as you said no surprise.

This is an outrageous thread hijack by DT. That said I think the US will beat Europe this time largely due to their captain who will get them pulling together. They also seem to have found some combinations from last year’s President’s Cup that worked well, like Woods and Furyk, so they’ll be more settled and more of a team than before. Not that I really give a shit though but I’m pretty sure Europe are odds-on with the US at a nice outside price.

Kudos and Exalt, he won

I totally forgot to get on this myself. Ah well, youl win some, lose some I suppose. Shortened to 2/1 in the end

Is is just me or do Liverpool seem short for tonights game? 2/5 with PP and 1.5 on Betfair. They’re also 1.07 to qualify. Seriously tempted to stick a few quid on Haifa, I know the odds are affected (effected? never quite sure which one of those words to use) by the tie being played Kiev but Jesus - lay Liverpool for ?7 @ 1.07 to qualify and you could win ?100! Unlikely to happen but at those odds could be worth a punt, Haifa only need one goal after all.

Just looking on Betfair forum and my friends there reckon there is value in the 1.5! Maybe they’re right.

Tuesday night football gambling spurred on by my weekend win:

?20 accumulator on:

Spurs at 4/9 to beat Sheffield United at home.
West Ham at 8/5 to win away at Watford.
Birmingham 2/7 to beat Shrewsbury at home.
Cardiff at 1/3 to beat Barnet at home.
QPR at 8/13 to beat Northampton at home.
Derby at 4/5 to win away at Stockport.
Crystal Palace at 1/3 to beat Notts County at home.

Beware the dangers of League Cup betting however for those lower league clashes.

Wasn’t on that horse last night as I was still in work and can’t get at the sites. If it was higher than 2/1 I would have been gutted cos I usually throw a few quid on the tips here when I can.

bt, agree totally on Pool tonight. Despite rock’s lesson on betfair from the old forum I don’t really understand it but I was saying to one of the lads in work earlier how vulnerable I think they. Maccabi will fancy their chances of getting at Agger and Hyppia. Hope they get pumped but not so confident to stick any money on the Israelites.

That will return ?499.20 - all decent selections. Think Sunderland will win tonight, going for a small stakes treble of:

Birmingham 2/7
Sunderland 8/11
Leeds 1/3

Fractionally under 2/1.

Sunderland 8/11 after losing 4 in a row!!!

who they playing?

Sunderland are away to Bury. Think they?re in the bottom division but I don?t think we?ll see Sunderland bury their hoodoo tonight.

Think I?m overdoing it on the selections, always go for one or two too many to beef up the return when I should be doing 3 or 4 selections like WOW there. Fook it, the money?s down for tonight but I?ll make the amendment from now on. Last few accumulators I?ve been getting 4 or 5 of the 7 ? it?s hard to get them all.

think you’re overdoing it on the puns too

You can never have enough puns. I?m setting up a puns thread now and it?s your fault for o(pun)ing up the floodgates.

Just stuck 20 european currencies on Haifa at 13/2 on my way home! Maybe if you want something to happen really badly then it will. Come on you fookers you.

Incidentally “affected” was correct above.

“Affect” and “effect” are each both verbs and nouns but 9 times out of 10 if it’s the verb you’re using it’ll be “affect” and if it’s the noun it’ll be “effect”

“Effect” as a noun means basically something brought about, e.g. an impression or result, and as a verb basically means to bring something about, e.g. “to effect change”

“Affect” as a verb means basically to have an influence on, and as a noun (rare) usually means a feeling or emotion.