Reasons Why Tipperary Is So Hated

  1. The ‘Premier’ County
  2. Inbreeding
  3. Tinfoil
  4. Their GAA fans
  5. Tipperary Town
  6. John Leahy
  7. Caul Pollins
  1. The natives
  1. The Runt
  1. ‘The Home of Hurling’
  2. “Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip…”
  1. 1989 - Tony Keady

  2. Hicksville towns like Fethard

  3. Leahys insult to Gerry Mac

  4. Allowing overweight hurlers like Paul Shelly and John Carroll to wear a jersey

Michael Lowry

  1. The attempted murder of PJ Delaney


  1. A filthy 2am bitc*h from Nenagh who wanted to get ‘serious’ in 2006


Michael Cleary


Wrecking trains

Eoin Brislane

The smell

The fcuking state of East side of Lough Derg

Mullach Ide

Niall Quinn.

Carrick On Suir

[Anyone from Kilkenny who went to college in Cork will understand]

Tipperary Water
John Leahy (again)

Tipp town you’d feel more comfortable in Syria

Johnny B & The Boogie Men