Reclaiming roads for people on bikes, pedestrians and other VRUs

We are a bit behind the curve in this but its coming

Britain ahead of us but TFI actively seeing what they can do

Dublin closing to cars very soon


Where does my tractor fit in here

When out for my run last night, I was just coming out of Garryduff on to monastery road and two cyclists were about 100m or so up the road to my right, I was swinging left out of Garryduff so they were coming on behind me … about ten seconds later one of them comes flying by me and misjudged the little bend on the road and went over the handle bars and walloped off the ground and bounced into the weeds and shrubs the other side of the footpath … i’d say he was proper hurt…

It brought me immense joy.

Cyclists are the scum of the earth.


Nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a cyclist coming against you on the footpath and standing your ground, no matter how much they ring that pathetic bell.

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Lucky that everyone who works in dublin lives a cycle-able distance away.

Message: we need to get everyone back working, oh but you can’t use your car or public transport to get there.
We need to get people spending in independent shops, oh but you can only buy what will fit on your bike.

The main goal of the bike nazis isn’t actually to get everyone to cycle. They are happy so long as they inconvenience everyone else

It’s not the 70s mate


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The local bike shop near me has sold out of stock and reckons it’ll be September when he has stock again. Seemingly bikes, trampolines and basketball nets are the must have items of lockdown 2020.

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Following the lead of the Famine Walls of the 1840s, the Covid SEGREGATED Cycle Lanes of the 2020s could be a gamechanger for the country. They are already paying people three-fiddy a week, they may as well put them to work.

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If we are putting them to work would we not let them do their own jobs altogether?

Only the publicans. Everyone else will need to learn how to use a shovel.

Ah now Tommy, your reporting is a bit off there. Okay I didn’t see the incident but if it’s the bend in the road that I’m thinking you are describing, the last one before a straight down to the traffic lights by the Rochestown Inn, then that’s a tricky right hander that if you are going too fast and do not bank a bit into it then you’ll find yourself in trouble.

Did you go over and help them or just continue on?

Hope you weren’t too badly hurt mate



Yeah, it’s that bend … he was a young chap and i’m fairly sure he did damage… I asked him was he ok and then slowed right down and asked him a second time, he said he was fine tho I think that was his pride talking … he was with a mate so I let him too it. If he was on his own i’d have fully stopped …

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That’s what I wrote initially … eeek.

This thread related to all VRU’s guys

odd that the anger was directed towards people on bikes

Guys out walking single file risking their lives avoiding people not questioning why cars get 90% of the available space

You can’t eat time