Remember that discussion about drinking habits in ireland, well


…turns out it was nonsense and the drinks industry was bullshitting.

The real stats say 18-24 year olds binge drink more than anyone else in Europe.

Apologies can start now


Apologies Kevin

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Nah, couldn’t be true


Yeah but what did persil say?


So you were right, in a non defensive way Kev? Huzzah


:laughing: :ronnyroar:


Yet again the malnourished madman from Cark argues with proven statistics.
I’d say the same lad is constantly drunk. He couldn’t post that tripe while sober.


They’ve too much time on their hands eating pre packed dinners…although the manky food probably drives them to drink

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Only man amongst ye was TSG.

Weak weak men.

No wonder the country is so corrupt


I don’t think anyone argued that the Irish, young or old, drank less or for that matter binged less than their counterparts in Europe. Binge drinking is a very Irish thing, you rarely see it in other cultures, with the exception of the UK where if probably originated.

The argument was whether the younger generation in Ireland drink as much as the prior generation.

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Half this forum can’t admit being wrong


Is there any evidence behind this or what?




When was this argument?


It was in the alright sorts members lounge. Doesn’t concern you.




I thought I was wrong once, but it turned out I was incorrect


Incorrect. A number of posters were arguing that. @TreatyStones was the loudest one yapping in the corner as usual and he should apologise.

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Yes they were.


Edit: Horsebox got there


What thread was it on?

The article here says that that age group - 18-24 - would consume 6 drinks or more once a week - that’s binge drinking…We could still be worst in Europe and younger people not be drinking as much as the last generation.

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