Renting suits during lock down

Anybody know If you could rent a suit in the Dublin area during lock down? As in tomorrow I need one. If you a rang a shop up would they maybe sort you Out?

Where are you going in a suit these days? You’d be doing well to get one I’d say

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Wear the one you wore to Cheltenham


Just leave off the peaky blinders cap

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Funeral. Surely somewhere in Dublin is some way open?

I’d say the number of people looking to hire a suit is fairly low these days mate. Have you no suit?

Courts must be up and running again

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I’ve no black suit no. That’s why I asked.

I doubt you’ll be judged for not having one. Just dress respectable…


What size suit?

I always look respectable mice. I’ve a fairly dark over coat but it’s proper cold winter days job. I’d say I could pass out from the heat in it. Thanks anyway I googled a few places there and rang with no luck.

You could get a light blazer / suit jacket in Dunnes that will do the job

or even suit

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That’s a good shout. Is M&S open on Grafton Street, they have a food shop so might be and they’ve a clothes section downstairs with suits etc

The Quality in Dunnes has come on big time in recent years.

That’s actually a cracking shout. Youd pick one up for a 100 quid or less I reckon? The clothes bit of dunnes is surely open?

Yeah it is … ours is anyway … yeah, you’d pull something out for around 60-80 quid.

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Thanks lad. I’d have never thought of that.

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Hurrah for Mouse, I mean Brady

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Clothes section is closed. Dunnes is you best bet alright, the clothes section in the SSG and Rathmines are open.

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Thanks tim. I presume the Luas is operating around the city fairly regularly?