Renua Ireland

In light of some of the things I’ve read and heard today, I think these fucking jokers deserve a thread of their own. A party lead by a cunt like Creighton will always be likely to struggle but Day 1 has been comedy gold. A lot more to come I think.

Is that Cork weirdo/sicko Hobbs still involved?

200 candidates ready to go :eek:

He is indeed. He adds a weighty financial nous to the party.

What a fucking shite name for a political party.

Christ, that cute hoor bugs the shit of out me, Why didn’t he stick with the provo Blueshirts?

Listen to this

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Listen to this[/QUOTE]

Fucking hell that is shocking


Can you imagine these fascist cunts coming up with the party name in some hotel ballroom in Castlebar or somewhere?

We’re new and we want to renew the country.


Nua is the Irish for “new”.

We’re new.

We’re in Ireland.

Renua Ireland.


Fucking cunts.

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[QUOTE=“maroonandwhite, post: 1106413, member: 1406”]

Listen to this[/QUOTE]

That’s the same chap who wanted to cut people’s social welfare for protesting.

He won’t be doing interviews on the radio anytime soon anyway after that interview anyway. Shocking.

The idea of loosening the whip for non-finance measures is actually a good one. Can’t imagine they’ll have much else to offer. That must be the worst interview I’ve ever heard a politician giving.

[QUOTE=“maroonandwhite, post: 1106413, member: 1406”]

Listen to this[/QUOTE]
Reminds me of an interview I had for a job the morning after Liverpool beat Chelsea in the 2007 Champions League semi-final. I’d been drinking for nine hours the previous night.

Indeed. A racist outburst would have improved it.

Not being smart pal, but in government what are non-finance measures? Surely everything comes down to money at the end of the day

This new party is operating off a blank canvas, and Terence Flanagan certainly went blank and ended up on the canvas.

Describing themselves as socially radical is surely taking the piss after the reason most of them left FG?

At least it might have indicated he had some kind of idea about something rattling around in his head, however abhorrent the opinion.

The act from which they originate springs immediately to mind.