Reopen the countries - the COVID-19 Edgy thread

OK, guys, this experiment has gone on long enough, and the attempts to save the lives of the ‘elderly and seriously ill’ demographic has failed miserably. The real tragedy is that we’ve ended up killing doctors and nurses in an ill-advised effort to extend the lives of auld lads by 2 days.

The simple fact is that by trying to save tens of thousands from dying, we’ve condemned hundreds of millions to suffer.



I’m delighted somebody has decided to try and take the heat off the cheltenham race goers.

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You ok hun?

I think it’s becoming increasingly obvious we have been lied to by governments throughout this crisis, in an effort to cover up utter incompetence. Sadly, there is no reason to suspect their ongoing response to this crisis will be any better than it has been so far, and most likely will cause a great depression.

We have incredibly sophisticated genome analysis ability, we can sequence the genome of a new organism in a matter of days. Chinese scientists had sequenced the SARS-Cov-2 genome by January 1, and a scientist in Seattle was warning about it’s pandemic ability in mid January. The fact it was called SARS should have been a clue.

Nobody gave a fuck, China has it under control, the WHO said it couldn’t be transmitted person to person, there’s only a few cases outside China, etc. It would lead you to believe that governments knew exactly how this would unfold, and also knew there was fuck all they could realistically do about it.


You used to be one of the good guys! Like me.

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It’s all that heavy metal music that @ironmoth is listening to, the devil is poisoning his mind

You’ve no such excuse,

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Enduring wankers like you on TFK is my excuse.

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Welcome back mate.

Could the elderly be used for firewood?


We’ll need them for soylent green.


This is a serious topic that needs serious consideration, don’t think governments are not modelling all outcomes. Southern Italy is in danger of societal collapse and becoming completely lawless. How far behind are other countries? Half of the police force in New York are off sick, and doctors and nurses either getting sick or collapsing with exhaustion. What happens if food supplies start to run low?

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How long can the World realistically pause for. We can muddle by for a month maybe? Two at the very most. Then the knock ons of unintended consequences start to multiply and we risk falling apart. I’m not saying we need to reopen pubs or restart games etc. But they’ll have to let people back to work. Essential or non essential


The new world order renamed it Huel

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It does seem a bit ridiculous that people are milling around in grocery stores, picking up produce and leaving it down for someone else to pick up, but it isn’t safe to sit in an office or work in a factory. I’d say work will recommence within a month. The alternative is there will be no work to go back to in many cases.

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What is incidence of infection amongst shop workers and till check out people. They are exposed to a lot of people a day, handling goods etc and sometimes money. If they are not being infected in great numbers does that mean work places could reopen

Good question

There are serious protection measures here now. Checkers are behind glass and wearing gloves and masks. Maybe this is the new normal. No idea on numbers infected.

I was at the local centra last night and I’d often have a chat with the lad working there. Nice bloke from South Africa.

He was telling me the fatigue and stress are compounding. He has to gee himself up to go into work every day

Keep self isolating are you’ll be burying your family and friends