Republic of Ireland v Portugal - 11/11/2021

Here we go…

I’d go with a 5-3-2

Doherty, Omobomdele, Duffy, Egan, Stevens
Hendrick, Cullen, McGrath
CR7, Idah

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Hogan banging a few in for Birmingham. Surely better than Collins.

No Harry Arter. Spock Out

Knight for McGrath.

Stumpy Connolly axed.:astonished:

No Anthony Scully is surprising.

This will be an incredible occasion. Every country on the planet has pretty much got their breakout moment post lockdown except for us.

This is our opportunity.


I thought McGrath had picked up an injury, good to see him there, think he has to start.

Has Knight played much since returning from injury?

Coleman will surely start aswell.

I cannot wait.

I’ll be in The 51 with @Bandage and co from 3 bells.


There has been a ticketing disaster within my peer group and my previous FAI ticket sources have all left the organisation in ignominy due to perceived corporate governance failures. Ergo, I don’t actually have a ticket for this crunch* encounter. Could anyone that has access to a spare ticket please secure it and offer it to me? I’ll pay cost price plus I’ll give a firm commitment to back you up in any potential TFK disputes until 11 May 2022.

*not crunch


Sorry to hear pal.

I got 7 tickets last week which have all been snapped up if it makes you feel any better.

Is Stephen Kenny correct in his assertion that all of the Portuguese squad have played in either Champions League or Europa League finals? I don’t recall Diogo Jota playing in one. I reckon he just plucked that out of thin air on the RTE Sports news there😂

Se if there’s anything you can do to make one of those fuckers catch Covid between now & then. Maybe organise a house party for tomorrow night. Symptoms by Monday, test Tuesday, confirmed result Wednesday, ticket for me Thursday.


Disappointed to announce I HAVE NOT been inundated with match ticket offers.

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The FAISTAFF glitch that was a TFK exclusive at the time has screwed you over royally here. In a way it’s testament to the volume of lads looking in here that the entire stadium sold out off the back of @Spidey’s tip off.

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What’ll the story be with the pubs around the ground on Thursday?

It’s going to be absolute carnage trying to implement any sort of Covid restrictions anywhere.

Will The 51 be doing the Carvery still? @Bandage

The pubs were wedged for the rugby. Get in early if you’re looking for the carvery.

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Extensive carvery menu from 12pm-2pm. Matchday menu then from 4pm. You will still be required to order from the carvery chef at the Bain-Marie but you will be limited to your limited/kiddie meal style options (chicken curry and chips, chicken goujons and chips etc etc).


Or you can grab the falafel next door.

@peddlerscross we can do the ticket handover in the lane between The 51 and the falafel place.

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