Retarded things that people do on TFK

Quote people’s posts, change them and respond with “fixed that for you”

Alter people’s names in an attempt at humour. Eg. Bentie Ahern or Michael McGowl etc.

Posters spotted at this shit should be banned immediately

This type of stuff.

[quote=“Fran, post: 545544”]
I’m a big saddo and i’m going to set up this new shit thread.[/quote]

Fixed that for you.


fixed that for you

Fixed that for you.






Nice thread, Farn.

+1 :guns: :guns: :guns:

Great thread

Wahaay, just the response I expected. :clap: :pint:

What a shower of utter utter cunts. :pint: :pint: :guns: :clap:

I agree with both Fran’s initial points but reserve the right to refer to two particular posters as Fisty and artfooley.

Since when is Laytown in Ulster?

Retarded things that people do on TFK (and other forums)

Respond to posters on other forums.

This has gone really badly for farn.

Rocko using terms like sweetheart and honey when in an arguement with someone

I wouldn’t expect anything more Bandage, you fat cunt.

This Fran guy has 4500 posts? I can’t remember one of them. He’ll forever be in my memory now for this thread…