Retiring Football/Soccer Stars Tribute Thread

Doesn’t seem to be one of these around

Arjen Robben retired today. A true great, up there with anyone bar the top 2 in his generation


Damien Delaney retired today. A true great, up there with anyone bar the top 2 in his generation.


Delaney and Robben on the same day, that’s just unbelievable

Such is the understated manor of Delaney, I thought he retired 3 years ago.

When fit he was world class. The greatest I ever saw at cutting in onto his left and hammering a ball to the back of the net. He knew it was coming, the left back knew it was coming, the centre back, the goalie, everyone would know yet it still would happen.

A great

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Robben >>> Messi

He’s talking about Delaney


His goal against Man Utd for Bayern in 2010 when he placed a volley into the net was genius.

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True what you say but what I found mad about him was for all the coaches he played under he still manged to play like he was never coached… Or at least he never listened to them… He done the same thing every time. And if a lad had his measure he’d keep trying the same move… It never entered his head to pass inside and bring someone else into play… A class act but not a great for me…

Hell of a way to bow out.


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Who is the long blond haired chap with an assist for him around 1:10. Tymoshchuk?

That would be maxi Lopez.

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Good shout

The head band was the giveaway. I loved Barcelona around time and inter Milan too but we didn’t have sky sports when I was young. I’d see them playing champions league on the high lights for 30 seconds. On Monday mornings before getting the bus to school I’d unfold an Irish times to check Barcelona’s result and to see if Adriano had scored for inter. There was also a eurogoals highlights show around half five on a Monday where you’d see the league goals. I remember maxi Lopez being described as the next South American superstar after a scoring the 3rd or 4th goal in a champions league route. Went on holidays to Barcelona one summer and got his name on my jersey then.


Ah yes. Forgot him. Jesus he was a bit out of his depth.

Fucking Eurogoals!!! Jesus that takes me back.

Man Yoo legend and model Aryan Bastian Schweinsteiger stepping down at the end of the MLS season

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Robben is coming out of retirement to play for his boyhood club Groningen 18 years after he left. Great stuff


Former Aston Villa, Manchester City, Everton & West Brom midfielder Gareth Barry has announced his retirement from football, aged 39 years old…

He retires as the highest appearance maker (653) in Premier League history!

City are planning a statue for him in the coming weeks. Well earned.

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