Revenue Returns, ROS, Taxation and the Self Employed

I’ve only paid 22 and they wrote the other day for 23. They may wait.

Does anyone know what the maximum amount of hours in Ireland is part time? I’ve been working part time for the best part of a year now. Wanting to do a bus driving course through Solas. They offer all the bells and whistles to succeed at passing the bus test (including a fair few lessons for free which are normally €250 a lesson! ). And they said I can work part time.

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Based on the below I don’t think there’s a maximum once it’s less hours than someone doing the role full time. So 4.5 days a week for a normal 5 day job would be part time.

Who is a part-time worker?
You are a part-time worker if you have fewer normal working hours than a comparable full-time worker.

A comparable full-time worker works for the same employer as you, and either:

Does the same work as you, under the same or similar conditions
Is interchangeable with you in relation to the work done (for example, you can substitute or fill in for one another)
Does the same work or similar work to you, and any differences between your work and working conditions are insignificant
Does work of equal value, or of lesser value, than you
For example, a part-time sales assistant can compare themselves to a full-time sales assistant who is doing the same job, in the same shop.

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That would make sense. I’d love to know the Solas T’s and C’s on this though. Friday evening, must wait till Monday.

I’ve just been crunching the numbers in ROS the last few days. Seems I due a few hundred (a lot of money to me) back in over payed tax.

Grand says you, but I’ve an outstanding debt with them (don’t ask) going back years. Any time I’m due money back they just offset it against the debt.

Is there anything I can do? Transfer it to a pension. Anything. Before they get their grubby hands on it?

I’ll have to file soon.

Is there a way to pay my LPT with it or something?

Pay your debts DJ


Not informative rating…

The taxman isn’t going to give you money if you owe him money. It’s fairly simple


Fact. First man paid.

Yea, but he’ll only come looking for it, and take it in the case of an overpayment.
So can I avoid the overpayment somehow?

Go back in time and spend a less on something

I don’t understand?

As it turned out, near the end of the filing sequence, I was given the option to pay some pre-tax for 2023. So I offset the rebate against that. So they didn’t take it off me.

Hopefully it works out ok.
As ye know I’m no expert in these matters.

Any reason why Revenue would be taking €180 more PAYE in this month’s payslip compared to last month?

Revenue have stared to move on businesses that had warehoused tax from Covid. A few hospitality casualties and a lot more to come.

It serves no fucking purpose to close these places down. Moral hazard my hole. They were closed down by government and deserve a tax amnesty.

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2bn was owed when numbers were reported mid year.

Another NAMA. Will take a decade to unravel it.

advice please gents. I need to do a B1 return for a company that never traded. The Company was registered with CRO but the business never got off the ground. Ultimately I’ll be striking this company off.
i figured out how to do this using CORE app but i need to attach financial statements which will obviously show no financial activity. Is there a financial statements template out there that i can use for this? i assume i can do this myself without involving an accountant.