Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female


Mingus :lol:




WTF were those parents thinking.


James is alright of a name. Not great but ok.

Oliver is a poor name.

Max smacks of ponciness.

Hugo is ridiculous, as is Benjamin but I presume that would be shortened to Ben, which is ok.

Wouldn’t be overly gone on Patrick either but would call myself Pat instead of Paddy, which I don’t like at all.

The rest are all grand - I like the name Luke for some reason.

With the exception of Alice, all the girls’ names are fine.


Paudie is the only job


Rebecca is an awful name.


[quote=“farmerinthecity, post: 173718”]The rest are all grand - I like the name Luke for some reason.



I’d be pretty sure nobody cares.


Parents are probably jazz fans. Still no excuse for calling a child Mingus Murphy.


Paudies are generally alright sorts


I’d steer clear of Patsy


Paul is a crap name.








Congrats to the Beckhams on their new daughter… Harper Seven.


I laughed every time the commentator said Andreas Doyle yesterday. There is something very wrong about someone from Wexford being called Andreas




I expected Doyle to have an extra bit of European flair because he was called Andreas. Sort of like a Wexican Thomas Hassler.


I’m breaking the rules here with a surname.
Friend of mine works with a guy who has the surname Mehboob.


There was a player on the Dublin minor team yesterday called Rutherson Real.