Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female


Mingus :lol:




WTF were those parents thinking.


James is alright of a name. Not great but ok.

Oliver is a poor name.

Max smacks of ponciness.

Hugo is ridiculous, as is Benjamin but I presume that would be shortened to Ben, which is ok.

Wouldn't be overly gone on Patrick either but would call myself Pat instead of Paddy, which I don't like at all.

The rest are all grand - I like the name Luke for some reason.

With the exception of Alice, all the girls' names are fine.


Paudie is the only job


Rebecca is an awful name.




I'd be pretty sure nobody cares.


Parents are probably jazz fans. Still no excuse for calling a child Mingus Murphy.


Paudies are generally alright sorts


I'd steer clear of Patsy


Paul is a crap name.








Congrats to the Beckhams on their new daughter........ Harper Seven.


I laughed every time the commentator said Andreas Doyle yesterday. There is something very wrong about someone from Wexford being called Andreas




I expected Doyle to have an extra bit of European flair because he was called Andreas. Sort of like a Wexican Thomas Hassler.


I'm breaking the rules here with a surname.
Friend of mine works with a guy who has the surname Mehboob.


There was a player on the Dublin minor team yesterday called Rutherson Real.