Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female


That’s an astonishingly cool name to have.


An obvious rip off of runty macrunterson.


He’s a Chinaman



abcde - pronounced ab-see-dee
l-a - pronounced le-dash-ah


This is a very unsettling development. The taximen of Dublin are surely up in arms?




George Costanza must be absolutely seething at the moment about this.


Which one of them is the Tipp fan?


Why is it disturbing exactly?


Do you know someone with that name?


Which one?

I know a person who knows a person who works in a hospital here and these were the 2 strangest names she’s seen on birth certs. They will get severely bullied (deservedly so) and will prob never be able to register for anything on the internet


Who mentioned that it was disturbing mate? Are you disturbed by this because he is foreign? You sickening fucking racist. Someone ban this mong.


Some of these new age middle class Gaeilge names are frankly ridiculous. On the ferry the other day I noticed a woman chasing a child and calling out “Coon Coon”. I thought that this was a bit harsh and then I noticed that the child was white and his sister was Saoirse. I concluded that the child was called Cuan - the Irish for harbour. That might have sounded great to all the other mums in the Gaelscoil but the child is going to have some explaining to do if he goes to work in London.


Well why is it an unsettling development then?

You’re the one who mentioned racism btw - it wasn’t my angle at all. You’re just showing your true colours you backward cunt


Disturbing came right into your head when you saw the picture, that says it all for me mate. You filthy ignorant racist swine. :angry:


Answer the question or shut your cakehole


I try not to tolerate racist vermin, but I’ll appease you on this one occasion. I was of course refering to the fact that such a name does not lend itself to your typical, Anto, Berno, Wheelo acronym beloved of your Dublin taxi driver.

It sickens me to my stomach that you immediately viewed it as racist and refered to it as “disturbing”. Disturbing I ask you. The sight of a non national playing for Dublin disturbs you You disgust me. My thoughts go out to young ‘Rutho’ who I’m sure has dealt with the likes of you throughout his life and managed to prosper regardless.


Boom boom boom, let me hear you say Rutho…


What was disturbing and unsettling was the racist abuse of Jason Sherlock from Laois supporters in the crowd in Navan in 1995.


Why would the taximen of Dublin be up in arms over a name then?

I tell you why I viewed it as racist. Cos I had one of your fellow countymen fucked out of Croke Park once for racially abusing Jayo. I never heard as much racism as I did out of you shower of cunts. So yis have form. Bad fucking form. And I tar you all with that brush because not only were his friends laughing at him, all the dirty inbreed Laois bastards around him were.


I was going to mention that when Runt brought up the Jayo chant. I was in a pub post game in Navan and there was a crowd of Dubs giving the Jayo chant loads. One pissed Laois fella replied with a derogatory chant back thinking he had all his mates behind him, not realising that a load of them had headed off out to the beer garden. Needless to say he scarpered fair quick when a load of them made a big push for him.

Thats was a great day in Navan all the same. Dublin should play more games outside Croker. They were simpler times back in the 90’s.